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Achieving a ‘result’  comes in an infinite array of forms because every client has a unique set of goals and circumstances. 

Only around 20% of my clients come wanting six-pack abs. For everyone else, it’s a personal journey to regain health, confidence and vitality. Getting in amazing physical shape along the way is a nice bonus. 

Every client who fully commits to the process can achieve something truly astounding. It might not always be the jaw-dropping physical ‘before and after’. But often it is massive, life-changing improvements in blood pressure, insulin management and mental health, or simply pain-free, confidence-boosting day-to-day living.

What does a 'result' really mean at Price-Lyall Training?

Real Results


Find Inspiration in Every session

The Process

When you stick to the program like glue, you get some incredible results. My coaching one to one  or online, will help guide and motivate you. Through healthy eating, exercise, and mindset, you can change your life!

I will provide all the components you need to get into the best shape of your life. My coaching will help educate, motivate, and guide you through the program. Meal plans furnish you with delicious recipes to help you get lean and healthy, whilst the exercise challenges help improve your strength and fitness. The group (online program) provides a forum where you will interact with others on the same journey as you, providing a fun and friendly support network.

Real Results 

Our Clients

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