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Sharjah Personal training 2

YOUR fitness journey, YOUR customized plan.

Bringing V.I.P Person training to Sharjah, with custom training programs designed and delivered in a private health club (with a swimming pool) to help you achieve your fitness goals, boost your confidence, and transform your life for the better.


A personal training service tailored to your needs

  • Transform your life with the ultimate in one-on-one fitness training in Sharjah, with customized packages designed to meet your needs.

  • Programs and training specifically tailored to your requirements, experience, and goals

  • Private health location with Full resistance and Cardio facilities.

  • Full body assessment and regular tracking

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Supplement Guidance

  • WhatsApp support (phone call/ detailed voice notes and videos if needed)

  • Video analysis of training and feedback (as and when requested)

Sharjah Personal training 3

The process

The journey starts here. You only have one body that you are completely responsible for no one else. There are no quick fixes, but together will achieve your goals, in a safe and suitable way.

Ensuring your success

To ensure your success I always advise we meet for an informal chat. We will discuss your needs, goal, medical condition, history, and time frames. It will also give you an opportunity to see if you feel happy with my attitude and training processes 


Fitness Journey

To achieve your fitness I will always give you a professional and realistic view of your goal. 

I do ask for a minimum of three-month commitment to the training program

it should take 4 weeks before your feel fitter. 8 weeks before you look fitter and 12 weeks before others notice the effects.



To ensure your success is simple the more you put in the better the results.

I would have to recommend at least three sessions a week to start making real changes.

However, we all have budgets to work with as well as your availability and you may need to combine your  personal and online training to achieve your results 


A workout that works for you

Each session is customized to meet your personal fitness goals, whether you’re looking for strength building, weight loss, a general diet and fitness program, or a body transformation program.

Sharing my years of experience and knowledge, I’ll ensure you develop good technique and correct form, giving you the tools to follow your training program safely outside our sessions together.

On top of fitness training, we’ll talk about ways to improve your daily food habits, and how to effectively follow and track a diet.

Last – but by no means least! - we will work together to find strategies that mean you don’t have to miss out on the fun life has to offer in order to get results and achieve your goals.

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